Friday, April 24, 2009

MSC OSCONF 2009- Press Conference

On 23rd of April, we managed to launch press conference of MSC OSCONF 2009 at Plaza Sentral. This event was a great success for local OSS community and movement since this is fully supported by MAMPU (govt ) and MDEC (semi-govt)..

Speech from MDEC VP

Speech from MDEC director, Ritz..

A symbolic "agreement".. from govt, private and communities of OSS being together to make OSS is platform of choice...

Press conference is started..

I'm answering lot's of reporter's question on OSS-thingy.. support, reliability, drivers etc..

Discussion with Haris and Novell Asia guys on OSS to everybody!

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Well this is not my guitar, and i can't play guitar nicely, so surely it's not for me..

it's a old-school KRAMER! built in 1987, very2 rare and popular in the 80's by Eddie Van Halen and lots other rockers/metalheads..

all come with KRAMER hardcase

original Floyd Rose..

Made In USA... not a korean/japan made dude...

This is Seymour Duncan custom humbucker..

The warranty card is still there... even with production card/checklist...

1st day.. delivering the task.. recording tracks for album/radio edit.. superb!

At studio Bakri.. Sri Rampai.. recording tracks...

Next Day..

jammed at pandan..

anyway i lil' bit dun like the sound of this KRAMER produce at this studio.. maybe because of EFX and amps..

so thats it..

this new "killer" will strike the gig this saturday!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hardware shopping!!

Doing my shopping frenzy.. but as techies and geek's world.. this is what i mean by shopping sakan!

This is the AMD64 3000+ box with 6600GT and other rig, for my development box...

Philips CRT 19"

4 sets of ALTEC LANSING!!! dun ask why...

CREATIVE's Sound Blaster audigy 2 ZS!!!

my other future rig.. ABIT mobo with AMD64 2800+ equipped with copper heatsink..

my other box, AMD64+ thermal take.. 6600GT + cooler master centurion casing, 1GB RAM

my future rig, high-end.. not yet done..

This mobo, AM2.. planned to run with AMD64 5000+ or 6000+ with 4GB of RAM

This GC... ok..

this what i call shopping! ( abis duit aku )

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Re-publish my old pages/HOW-TO

I've been up my NetBSD server as dummy webserver for quite sometime.. and decided to re-publish my old how-to on it..

u can reach it at

the contents was old, need some adjust/fix and link it to my other wiki how-to pages,

Saturday, April 04, 2009

MOFAZ Open Day

Been invited from MOFAZ for their OpenDay.. so i went there and see around..

nice models.. and heavy rain too!.. gilebabas...

and after that i decided to "borong lost of apparel" :).. it's cheap so why not?