Friday, June 19, 2009

my VOLVO 850

Well i manage to get this at one seller in PJ, 850 GLT, 2.5 liter Auto and seems the paintwork is still ok, interior was nice, engine is well-maintained unless the front suspension on the left is leaking..

after some paperwork and booking, the seller still keep on post the cars for sale in internet, that's for me is improper, since i already book it, and not cancel it yet..

after some document confusion ( dunno what's wrong with this seller, 1st no guarantor, later asking for guarantor and blablabla ).. then later he ask me to take back the deposit, because some problem from the credit parties/side..

i think he's lying..
and strongly believe that he already sell it to other person..

just cancel it, it's ok.. i'm looking from other seller!!