Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Musical Passion!.. part 1.. THRASH METAL

Well as lots of my close frens know about me, I'm a craze fans of music especially rock+metal+extreme..

Here i like to share some of my passionate musical stuff.. first is thrashmetal, from the 80's!

US metal attack from AGENT STEEL! Some of u maybe don't know them...

Their live in 1985!

The legend's tracks.. Th Mechanix from Metallica's demo.. most of the songs written by Mustaine before he left to form Megadeth.. i think this is sung by Mustaine.. later this lyrics and name changed to The Four Horsemen..

live 1983.. during Mustaine days with metallica..

Slayer now.. still thrashin'

SCANNER.. one of powerful bands.. but most of the people dun know it!

The faves all-time.. RIOT Thundersteel album.. my eternal love to this album forever! one of the best metal album!

The cover version of RIOT's Warrior song from album Rock City 1977, by Axel Rudi Pell.. the best cover!

MORTAL SIN, Hailed from Australia! Good frens of our CROMOK!

German Thrash Metal Assault Unholy Trinity, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, KREATOR.. and others!

KREATOR's playing Tormentor in 1990, after the Berlin wall is demolished!

15 years ( at least ) later, they still fast, loud, brutal and kicking ass!!

Seen KREATOR here in 2005, during their live tour ENEMY OF GOD.. is chance of a lifetime!! We wait for around 18 years to see them live here!!

DESTRUCTION playing the faves tune TOTAL DESASTER.. guest guitarist is Hypocrisy frontman Peter Tagren who helping alot to make DESTRUCTION reform and playing again!

DESTRUCTION during their comeback, with new drummer ( now replace by Mark )... after so long.. the legendary is still kills!!

Other side of the world, also seen Thrash Metal is rising.. from Brazil, is legendary Sepultura.. well i just listen till ARISE, after that, they went CRAP..

Thrash Metal Revival..
now we have new breed of bands that play old tunes again, try to became true.. yes u can do it, just need to be honest.. one of the top listed is GUILLOTINE (old KREATOR clone) MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, GAMA BOMB and lots more!