Sunday, December 28, 2008

AS-SAHAR 21 years live in MCPA KL

Yes! AS_SAHAR is here!.. the legendary metallers from Singapore...

for celebrating 21 years of "evilness".. and I'm glad to be invited by One Barchiel of As-Sahar himself.. well last i met him is around 96/97 during the show " Tribute to Venom and Celtic Frost", RockWorld, Penang..

it flashing back memories, when u gather with yr ol' frens, chatting and watching the progress of our lives.. One is now having kids, buying house at JB, enuff said we metalheads normally after several years, lots of us is success in life.. Who said metalheads is useless? most of us work as engineer, doctor, lawyers etc.. it just our musical taste is different and more energy, violent, aggresive than some other "soft and so-called lovely" music.. thats why metal is perserved for years.. and never be bored, not a trendy shit like emo and such thing...

The "controversial" DCA

Nefarious Azarak

fux it's so jampacked and i can't even get close to the frontline!

My friends from, OneBlack previously is blackmetallers too.. come and join the crowd, here lots of goodies/stuff sale and irresistable!

me and One Barchiel of As-Sahar - the eternal friends...

me + Mang/Lan of MODAR ( doom gods! ) and One Barchiel of As-Sahar.. u can see the pose/style of late 80's underground metal still preserve!!

me and Malik Hanael of As-Sahar!

The full lineup of As-Sahar ( with new drummer )...

Some of the stuff ( tshirt and some CD/Album/releases ) i bought during the gig..

Faves of all time KREATOR- Pleasure to kill..

SEPULTURA- Schizophrenia.. original tshirt from mexico

back of tshirt


yes.. IMPALED NAZARENE!! - front


MODAR's latest tshirt based on latest album's cover LOST FIRDAUSY

One already asked me about my old project, the Words Of Evil zine.. yerps all the oldies/oldtimers is surfacing back.. I'm making a return of this zine after 16 years of silence ( from 1992 )... so beware the oldtimer is back to kick some posers and "fake metal trends" ass!

"It's the return of Darkness and Evil" - BATHORY

Friday, December 26, 2008

My new NetBSD 3.1 box on pentium2 400mhz

Just setup my new NetBSD 3.1 ( fux the 4.0 is stuck, have some probs with ACPI ) and patched to 3.1_STABLE, so now this pentium2 400 is used for testing..

NetBSD 3.1_STABLE (GENERIC) #0: Thu Jan 1 11:38:51 MYT 2009

Welcome to NetBSD!

$ uname -a
NetBSD 3.1_STABLE NetBSD 3.1_STABLE (GENERIC) #0: Thu Jan 1 11:38:51 MYT 2009 root@:/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/GENERIC i386

Sunday, December 21, 2008

RTW8! Super and marvelous!

Rock the World 8...

me and my fellows REVENGE was fully prepared for this big events and I'm being there as guitar/bass tech, need to make sure we can deliver the sounds and make it work within minutes!..

we played before koffin kanser..
reaching the stage we got 5 minutes ( max ) to put in jack, tune up the amplifier ( I choose MARSHALL JCM 2000) setup the tone etc.. check the monitor, the cable not entangle and clear, the efx power supply is working, efx is working and for the leads guit, it's managed by Diod, for MESA BOOGIE dual rectifier+ MARSHALL.. everything works nice and done
within 3 minutes!

helping wak abit since drum is the most fussy to setup.. then here we go.. the show is on! we got 4 songs to strike them ( even we have encore if we want to ).. then most audience is shocking and amazed.. everybody is working perfectly..

after the show we need to cutoff and disassemble everything within 30seconds! it's done..

as a professional, it's just perfect, no hiccups...

Feel very2 satisfy, what i've learned myself, thru stuying videos from DESTRUCTION ( Wacken.. ) etc is applied here

Sunday, December 14, 2008

PCBSD 7.0.2 is released... Slackware 12.2 too!!

Past few days, PCBSD 7.0.2 is already released.. so since i need to done some of my development on it, just downloaded it last night, 2 DVD - 1 is i386 and another 1 is amd64... so i just need to go home tonite, burn the ISO to DVD and try it!

Slackware 12.2 just released, on 11/dec same date as PCBSD 7.0.2... need to download it quick since I'm Slackware fans.. gotta try it dude!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Munetaka Higuchi ( LOUDNESS ) died.. Chris Witchhunter ( SODOM ) too...

A very sad news. It feel so unbelieveable and unacceptable. LOUDNESS drummer and co-founder died on 30th Nov due to liver cancer. What I've heard, they already plan to touring Asia so we have chances to see them live here!

RIP my buddy, idols, and icons of the 80's rock/metal from the EAST that shook the world!



Original drummer of German thrashers Sodom, Chris "Witchhunter" Dudek, who left the band in 1992 has recently died on Sunday the 7th of September. The message on the official Sodom site reads: "Dear Friends, I want to inform you that Chris Witchhunter died last Night. A few hours ago we received a message from Witchhunters Mom that Chris is dead. We are shocked and stunned this time but we want to tell all Sodom Fans that one of the founding Members of Sodom gone forever. At first we thought that this is not true but by the tears of Chris Mom… it´s true! Please spread the message!

The gods of german Thrash, the pioneer, the "unholy trinity" ( Kreator, Sodom, Destruction ) that influence the the world with their aggresiveness

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Negation is preparing their debut album!


one of the oldest surviving grindcore band in Malaysia ( 15+++ years dude.. ).. is now preparing for finishing their debut album..

so I'm joining then to go to studio Bakri (GSC, Flop poppy etc ) for join he mixing process Hiccups d happen, Bakri need to fix one of his comp due to some hardware problems, after that the mixing session begins

Madie (g) monitoring the sounds while Bakri is set and crank it up..

Anyway I can't stay much longer since I need to go to work soon ( work on that nite ).. so i just say bye to everyone and hope everything is succesfull and smooth!

Monday, December 01, 2008


it long, very2 long time for me to be back in penang for Metal/Rock performance show.. last is since 1996, during As-Sahar, Impeity, Langsuyr, Vociferation Eternity era..

Shoot from Pudu bustation on 12am then arrived at Sg Nibong bus station, beside the legendary "tapak pesta" which happen the RIOT during rock festival in 1986, and the goverment just BAN all the rock concert nationwide!

Picked up by northern metallers, lay our butt on HERITAGE 1926 Hotel, nice and oldskool hotel.. sleeping... woke up and have some chat with other metallers, we change our hotel to MERCHANT HOTEL, opposite the CITITEL. We can see lots of "wooshy-wooshy" from our balcony :D..

Taking bath and wow i like to bath tub, just fill the water and dip myself into it.. waarghh.. nice...

Goin' out to have meals before we heading to KOMTAR, NASI KANDARRRR!! Wak " The Pankreas Death" was so excited with the original and pure kasi kandar, and me? ermmm.. surprisingly i "tapau" 2 plate of nasik kandar with Squid's egg and Fried chicken.. wow.. so yummy and full!.. we start being sleepy.. how many kilos of KAS-KAS they put in curry eh?

Then we shoot to KOMTAR, have a look around while walkin to the DOME..

the show was kicking with BANNBODO performing...

Next here comes the SHEWOLVES!! Sweet gals with rock/metal blend strike the crowd, bring some tunes and last.. the SHIMA&THEBOYS cover "PEDAYA CINTA".. feel like "KONSERT KOTARAYA"..

Next is LEATHER CHARM, penang own 70's rock bands.. not bad but the voc style "jatuh and tergolek" is looks funny abit.. :D

later there's some bands like COUPLE etc.. then our turn.. this time we just been 4-piece since 1 of our guitarist can't come due to family issue..


Then we take our rest..

then i meet MAY that been lepaking and have some lepak+chat too with them.. shit i adore them really since my schooltime and now i can see them live infront me!

lepaking+chat with MAY.. from left YUS (bass), me, MAN ( drum ), and ABU ( guitar )

After PILGRIMS, here is SIL-KHANNAZ!! no need to introduce...

we sing and been shouting while singin' SANTAPAN...

Here is MAY!! screamin' and noise everybody!!!! Their aura was crazy!! i just feel like I'm 15 years old while watching them on TV!! but it's already 19-20 years ago!! wow, MAY Never look old! still kicking, still rocking and heavy!! Only OLD SKOOL Metal/rock is real!

They just play "Gadis Bertudung Putih" acoustic version, "Jiwa Karat" and "HAKIKAT PERJUANGAN".. some other tunes i can't remember..

Crowd went crazy.. and start to fill the front stage for shooting pictures

Then the show ends.. we start to gather, and so some photoshooting session ( as usual )..

Me and MUS MAY (voc )

That night, we can't sleep.. discuss and do some post-mortem for some issues.. until morning, me, DIOD ( Cosa Nostra ), Faris ( ex-Pink Acid / SheWolves ) drive back to KL on 7am... because i need to be in the office on 8pm..

On the way back to KL, Penang Bridge 7++am.. Penang, I love it.. there's lot's sweet memories happen here, unexpected but yes, we'll be back here.. for Pesta Pulau Pinang show..

Penang, i do miss it now.. I'll be there again...