Wednesday, December 23, 2009

heading to 2010

now it's already december.. lot's thing happen this 2009, changes alot in my life.. it do happens somethime..

my target, plans for next year:

1- work, I've choose to do my own project beside work offer that given to me to start early next year..
2- WOE tv/zine - proceed, maybe lil' bit slow, but i do believe
3- other business, parts order from Thailand.. i do have loyal buyers
4- music.. FIRASAH's journey will be more tough, but better.. kick-off any disrupted/problematic "thing".. my own band with Derrick ( some people call it M.E.T as a joke ), will be continue as we plan...
5- others..

life goes on.. it's kinda pain sometime, but u need to enjoy the nice moments...