Friday, March 27, 2009

My ipod shuffle


just want to try something "new for me.. i never into this mp3 layer/ipod thingy before.. seen on net someone seel it ( brand new, never used ) for quite cheap rm100+ then i decided to shoot to Serdang, see him, hand over the "benjamin" and take it home!

it took just 30 mins for me to plug in, charge it and fillup with songs and walla it's works!..

no wonder "apple centric" people aka fans so hooked up with apple products.. it's so easy to use..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my new KVM switch!

I got in my mind a KVM switch ( cap ayam ) 4 port that cost me rm75.. quite cheap i think.. and i need to buy KVM cable to connect it to my boxes ( pile of boxes )..

anyway a bit frustrated with the staff/guys who tested it since he's blur2 and say to me " u need to buy power adapter blablabla... anyway when i'm back home, it's just plug and play and all is works!..

apo la..

so i just now connected it to my AMD Athlon64 box ( main ) and my NetBSD 4.0.1 web/squid/ server.. to see how..

gosh man..
i soon realise that i need to buy 2 more KVM cable because i already can shove off my extras monitor/powercable/keyboard that piling up in my middle room..

so my next KVM will be connected to
1- FreeBSD firewall/router pentium 187mhz 40mb ram - my old faithful
2- NetBSD 3.1_stable "special box" - Cyrix 233 64mb ram


1- celeron 300
2-celeron 400 Gateway e-1400
3- pentium 2 400

looks like i need 8 port KVM switch?

lucky i got some boxes run on VmWare:

1- FreeBSD 6.4
2- NetBSD 4.0.1
3- OpenBSD 4.4
4- CentOS 5.2
5- Solaris 10


Sun Ultra 10... and Sun Sparcstation 5..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my new NAT with FreeBSD How-TO

just wrote my new simple yet effective how-to on setup basic NAT gateway aka router on pbwiki..

check it out!

Chat with Matt Olander ( FreeBSD/PCBSD/iXSystems )

Tonite I have a simple and short conversation with Matt Olander at freenode..

*** Starting conversation with molander
[msg(molander)] hi
[msg(molander)] is it u matt?
.----------------------------------------- -- -
| molander (i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/ (unknown)
: ircname :
| channels : #django @#pcbsd
| server : (
*** molander is identified to services
*** molander is signed on as account molander
[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] yes!
[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] arafat?
[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] haha what is going ON!
[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] let's party in malaysia :P
*** BitchX: Now logging messages to: /home/trunasuci/.BitchX/BitchX.away
* TRUNASUCI is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]
*** You have been marked as being away

[msg(molander)] yeah matt
[msg(molander)] i'll keep u update
[msg(molander)] rite now we're working on up a new web server to publish the content
[msg(molander)] and i'll update u when it published
[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] great, let us know

[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] cambodia government is setting up a pilot of desktop and servers running pc-bsd and freebsd

[molander(i=630006f0@gateway/web/ajax/] I would love to get some Malaysian government operations on BSD too!

and we chat a bit more.. glad that he's happi to come here for MSC OSCON 2009..

Monday, March 16, 2009

buying the replacement pc

today i just buy the good specs pc well not for me, but replacement for someone's pc that broken.. the specs is AMD athlon 2800, ABIT NF-7 mobo, GeForce 6600GT, SATA HDD, Cooler Master casings, 512MB Ram.. got it for rm330-350

to be honest my own rig also is using lower specs of GC, Geforce 5900XT.. and already topped up with 1GB of ram, previously 512 and now became 1.5GB..

this rig came without PSU, need to add PSU tomorrow and test it all, handed over to the owner..

well for me, i still have gigabyte mobo am2, and GC Geforce 8400GS for me to set up a new box..


that's life.. u need to responsible what ure doing

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Old school THRASH bands!

Just get started with my own oldschool thrashmetal bands.. we jammed at NROCINU studio.. just a cover session of:

EXODUS - metal command

OVERKILL - Rotten to the core

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - stranded in hell

MOTORHEAD - Aces of Spades

it's hardrock.. but still kills!

next session should be:

EXODUS - lesson from a violence
KREATOR - Tormentor / Flag Of Hate
lots more!

love if we can produce tracks lige GAMA BOMB!

my 1st car driving experience!

Well it's unplanned, and it's happen!
Me and my frens just goin' back from outing on friday nite, suddenly we just simply decided "why not u try to drive?" so i just say.. "let's do it now!"

so we started at highway Guthrie and i try his "quite brand new" Persona ( auto ) and start travelling all along Guthrie highway to S.alam, then exit to Federal Highway.. i also managed to stop at toll house, pay the toll and continue at Federal and make stop at A&W for relax..

lucky nuthing happen, just cruise around 80km/j and i manage to drive smoothly ( slowly too ) without any problem.. hey it's my 1st time ok? i never drive a car before! just have experience drive a forklift 14 years ago!..

well anyway i already plan to buy a car, continental car... just now looking for my driving license 1st..


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm back!!

it's quite long I'm not writing/update my blog.. some people already "complaint" why I'm so silent.. anyway I'm too bz with work, project and personal activities.. i will post few things ( got a lot actually ) later/ASAP...