Sunday, January 31, 2010

MIMOS Php Techtalk 2010


been invited for this.. i put my feet at MIMOS again, so long not been here.. it's on 27th and 28th Jan..

so we gather some of old chaps, me, haris, R0kawa, and few more.. food is ok2 la.. talks by Siddharta and some other guys is nice and opening some new knowledge aboud cloud computing blablablala... and features in PHP..

2010.. is started to be more active and aggressive!!

@semenyih, away for few days

Just arrived @semenyih, some house on top of the hill, with "Eastern winds" blowing nice and fresh..

will spent time here for few days..

need to calm my mind

as u can see, that's the background that sorrounding us.. this pic is taken around 1++ years ago... afternoon.. so still misty babe..

need rest here...

and i'm updating my blog with lots of thingy..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

some good news.. 2010!!

Well on Thursday, i went to my project office @Menara Atlan and meet someone there ( as usual )..

we chat and discuss about the project and also his offer for me previously.. and as the thing goes so serious, the guys is President of one of the new co, locally registered ( he's from States ) and ask me to join the co..

discuss about post, basic salaries and benefit blablabla..

yeah sounds nice and.. so waiting for official letter next week..


Hope this 2010 will bring me new life.. hope i can spent some bucks for my parent ( promised to myself to buy them some thingy ).. and some other my future life plans...

gosh.. life is hard but we need to believe and face it...

feel quite happy at the moment, but.. till the official paper is out.. i can't celebrate anything yet..

hope i can be happy as this COW..