Sunday, February 28, 2010

AVATAR: does it have the originality?

AVATAR a movie that make all people seems like "shocked" amd entertained, claimed lots of praise, but for me, still have some originality issues.. why?

1- Unobtainium - this "mineral" is named in the CORE movies, long time ago, and suddenly is being used in AVATAR.. what?

2- the creatures rode by the heroes girlfriend.. sorry i cant remember the cast name/role name, but i remember the creatures she rode similiar look-alike SAMMAEL on movie HELLBOY.. at least on head part...

3-Does the device they lay in ( to link to the AVATAR-bodies ) look like same in SURROGATES movie?

well there's lot to look if u really not so damn excited with the hype of that AVATAR movie.. i fell asleep while watching it.. 3/4 of the story is just waste.. until last part when the army invade and start a war..


for me AVATAR is 3d and graphically powerful, but the story and originality is.. u named it yourself

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